Stephanie S. / laeyele
Sophomore at SCAD majoring in Sequential Art, minoring in concept art. Pokemon/Hannibal nut.

work in progress….the face is basically the only thing i worked on

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????? idk sketches

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some doodles


In case you’ve been living in a pantry under a rock, here’s the Season 2 Gag Reel.

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Follow the complete adventures of Tiny Hannibal and Tiny Will here:

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A few pictures from when I went to Germany !

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why have i just discovered tapastic??? here is mine

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pros n cons of hannibal lecter


pros: rich, cooks, stable career

cons: no eyebrows, willingly drinks airline champagne, will make u play obscure and difficult baroque instruments in the bedroom 

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In Germany rooting for Germany tonight GO GO GOOO!

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I guess I should say that I’ll be going to Germany this Thursday, July 3rd for 3 weeks. In that time frame I’ll most likely be unable to be on much/draw. Even though I haven’t since summer started :/

ignoramusintensive replied to your post: the people want more hannibal

just quit scad and draw hannibal full time until bryan fuller notices you

sounds like a GENIUS PLAN

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the people want more hannibal

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swampertite asked: hello!! i just found your art blog and i must say that your art is beautiful ;v; as a young doodler who actually aspires to go to scad, i thought i might ask you how much you draw. it seems like you draw something every day and that helps hehe

Aw thank you so much!! haha welllll now that summer has started for me i really haven’t drawn much since May sadly…v_v But when school rolls around, I pretty much draw daily. I really need to push myself more to draw everyday even when I’m not in school! The entire time I was in school last year, I improved so much because I HAD to draw all the time. I guess the pressure of being graded makes me draw to the best of my ability. Unless something motivates me, I’m actually kind of bad about drawing all the time so I’m trying to fix that 8[ Thanks again though, and best of luck to you! SCAD is a wonderful place!

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